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VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is an electric heat pump system that works similarly to mini-splits with up to eight indoor units. Using this heat pump for your home or business offers various environmental and efficiency benefits so you can save money and the planet. Custom Air Specialists is here to help as an EPA-certified team that provides individual solutions for your home or business. Count on our experienced professionals when you need a Santa Clarita VRF system to stay comfortable.

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Benefits of VRF Heat Pumps

VRF heat pumps are more eco-friendly and affordable than natural gas and other solutions. 

If you’re considering VRF heat pumps for your space, notice these various advantages over other heating options:

  • Low carbon emissions: It’s critical that we consider how the systems we use affect the environment. VRF heat pumps have reduced carbon emissions for an eco-friendlier approach to your comfort.
  • Affordable installation: Investing in your home or business can be a significant decision, but VRFs are cost-effective to install so that you can invest in your comfort and peace of mind.
  • Individual temperature control: Zoning your space helps increase your energy efficiency by providing individual control of up to eight rooms.
  • No vents: Similar to mini-splits, these heat pumps don’t require vents for less wasted energy caused by ductwork. This also makes them more affordable over time.
  • No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning: Though the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning is small with other HVAC systems, our expert VRF systems in Santa Clarita eliminate the possibility altogether for increased safety.

FAQs About VRF Heat Pumps

Unlike mini-splits, VRF heat pumps are typically used in commercial settings to handle various loads by adjusting refrigerant flow to separate indoor units. This increases energy efficiency and is significantly more powerful than residential mini-splits. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions when you’re deciding between a VRF and another HVAC system:

Will your space need to heat some rooms while cooling others?
In spaces like offices, hospitals, or technology spaces, there may be spaces that need different heating and cooling needs. A VRF heat pump can meet these demands with ease.

Do I expect my space to grow?
VRFs are modular, so if you expect to add rooms to your commercial space, it can be easier to add another indoor unit instead of the additional ductwork and larger condenser required by a traditional HVAC system.

Will a VRF heat pump affect my aesthetics?
We understand the importance of your commercial space looking appealing to your customers. HVAC systems with multiple outdoor condensers can ruin the first impression of your company for your clientele. However, VRF systems connect to a single outdoor unit, so it’s easier to conceal.

Is my building too large for mini-splits?
VRF heat pumps are usually beneficial for buildings over 10,000 square feet for a significant return on investment compared to ductless mini-splits. When you need VRF systems in Santa Clarita, count on our Custom Air Specialists.

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